July 18, 2016

Meanwhile in Pakistan: Not Islamic Brother Murders Sister for Being Wrong Kind of Muslima

It wasn't Islam that murdered her, we almost totally swear to god.

Secular liberal journalists with a sensitivity toward Islam get very reluctant to cover "honor killings," when Muslim men kill the women in their families for bringing "dishonor" on their name. On Saturday, USA Today reporter Nick Penzenstadler penned an article on a Pakistani social-media celebrity being strangled by her own brother. The first headline caused Twitter outrage. It was "Pakistani model killed after offending conservatives."
Qandeel Baloch, murdered for insulting/violating Islam.

Lets be clear, Qandeel Baloch was murdered simply because she violated Sharia, no other reason, if someone murdered people for violating Catholic or Christian law the liberals would be up in arms.

But when it comes to Islam they see a useful ally, so they tolerate them, court them as voters, allow Sharia religious law into the public sphere as an exception they would never give Jewish and Christian law.

Then when Islam comes for them, they are in denial.

he brother of Pakistani social media star, Qandeel Baloch, says he's proud he killed his sister, claiming he did it because "girls are born to stay home."

The 25 year-old Qandeel was strangled Friday at her family home in the city of Multan in the Pakistani province of Punjab. After going on the run, her brother was later arrested. In his confession video, he expresses no regret.
"I am proud of what I did. I drugged her first, then I killed her," Waseem Baloch says. "She was bringing dishonor...

..In one incident, Qandeel made headlines after posting selfies on her Instagram account with Mufti Abdul Qavi, a senior member of the clergy. According to Waseem, this particular controversy was "the end of it."

"I planned this after her scandal with the mufti and was waiting for the right time," he says.

Waseem goes on to remark that he thinks he will be remembered with pride and honor, and by bringing honor to his family he has earned his place "in heaven."
"Girls are born to stay home and follow traditions. My sister never did that," he says.

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