July 14, 2016

Good Gun Control: Happy Ending On a Ventilator

The little gun that could.

A robber armed with an AK-47 was shot by a citizen with a handgun at a DeSoto Waffle House last week.

The robbery and shooting happened around 2:30 a.m. last Thursday at the Waffle House on Interstate 35. Police said the suspect came in wearing a hoodie and carrying an AK-47 with a large capacity magazine.

The customer followed Copper out of the restaurant, called to him and shot him several times when he turned around and pointed the rifle at him.

Cooper was hospitalized with serious injuries and was in a coma. Hes now awake, but not yet able to speak to police about a possible accomplice.

Why do they always have to learn the hard way.

To bad it wasn't a gun free zone, then the criminal would have just read the sign and moved on, and would have been able to breathe on his own.

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