July 08, 2016

Sandcrawler PSA: Facebook Safe And Welcoming To Everyone Facebook Pulls Image: Lets Poster off)

Facebook is safe and welcoming.


Except for yours truly, they told me I wasn't real.

Oh and I forgot, the police
. They wan't them to feel....


Safe and welcome.. don't ya'll feel safe and welcome?

Update: Facebook again refuses to remove a second copy with a meme attached. The copy and link above is the first instance or the original if you will according to Google image search.

Facebook has refused to remove a sickening cartoon of a police officer having his throat slit from a Black Panther page used by Dallas cop killer Micah Xavier Johnson.

The gruesome image shows a man dressed in black slashing a uniformed officer's throat with a knife as blood spills out of the cop's neck.

It was posted on the 'Black Panther Party Mississippi' page, which Johnson posted a twisted rant on just days before he embarked on his massacre.

The cartoon carries the words 'as a R.B.G. killer panther I pledge to defend my black community by any means necessary'.

Update: 07/11/16. Facebook has begun removing the image.

But the person who posted it has been suspended.

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