July 08, 2016

Five Police Officers Murdered In Dallas At Black Lives Matter Protest
Three Shooters in Custody, Fourth Dead

I was watching as this unfolded on Twitter last night. Crazy, like the 60s. But with no brains.

DALLAS (TheBlaze/AP) – Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said 12 officers, not 11, were shot during the downtown protest march that took the lives of five officers. Two civilians were also shot, he said.

UPDATE 7:47 a.m. ET:

Law enforcement officials said three suspects in the deadly ambush against Dallas police are in custody, two men and one woman, KTVT-TV reported, adding that their names haven’t been released. A fourth suspect was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound earlier this morning after a standoff with police, the station said.

UPDATE 7:10 a.m. ET:

The shooting suspect who was engaged in a standoff with Dallas police died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound about 2:50 a.m. Friday, KTVT-TV reported. Another suspect, reportedly an unidentified woman, was in custody, the station said.

WFAA-TV made a similar report, citing police sources.

Dallas police say no explosives have been found in extensive sweeps of downtown areas, the Associated Press reported. Security was tight Friday morning with numerous streets closed to vehicle traffic in the main downtown Dallas business district hours after Thursday night’s attacks, the AP added, which claimed the lives of five police officers and injured six others.

I'll update when we find out who the shooters are/were.


One shooter identified.

More here at Heavy.comA gunman “upset about Black Lives Matter” and “recent police shootings” who opened fire Thursday night in Dallas, killing five police officers and wounding seven others, has been identified as Micah X. Johnson, the Los Angeles Times and CBS News report.



Two civilians were also wounded in the shootings. Johnson, 25, was killed when a police robot detonated a bomb near him following a standoff that lasted several hours, Police Chief David Brown said Friday at a press conference.

“The suspect said he was upset with white people and wanted to kill white people, especially white officers,” Brown said.Here's his first friend.


Nice peaceful message, followed by the standard false flag disclaimer.


Micah's outfit may be because of his interest in the Black Hebrews.


But there are also Muslims as well as a few Anti-Islamists on his friends list.

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