July 07, 2016

The Death of Philando Castile

I reviewed the entire video this morning. I've heard there is also video from before the shooting as well. But no video of the actual shooting incident.

Of course you are never really stopped for a busted tail light, in my state they made flipping a cigarette or a wrapper out the window a primary offence, the director of the state police explained not to worry they would only use it to stop people they had a prior interest in searching.

Anyway the video is heartbreaking as Ms. Reynolds pleads to the lord for help as the police officer repeatedy curses, damn shame when your partner has just been shot and you can hold your tongue while the person representing the authorities just stands there repeating words that used to get your punched in the mouth for saying in front of women and children.

Note the video is a flipped or mirror image, Philando Castile is on the driver's side.

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