June 21, 2016

Totally Banning ISIS Images and Videos Bad Idea

Today you may have read stories about ISIS videos and images and tools to "taske them down."

AllahPundit: The Counter Extremism Project (CEP), described as a “nonpartisan policy group” in their promotional literature, thinks they have the solution. They’re developing web based tools which purport to seek out and allow the removal of any terrorist related images, videos and other content which might be used as recruiting tools for Islamist terror groups. If you’re already feeling a chill wind blowing from that brief description you’re not alone, but the White House seems to be all too ready to get onboard. (Washington Post)

When we find the actual terrorists using the web as a recruiting tool it’s obviously worth considering the option of just shutting them down. Yet even that is a controversial move among intelligence specialists who often use those social media connections as tools to root out the bad guys. But when we veer off into the realm of simply wiping out ISIS images from news sites, blogs or the social media accounts of people concerned about the threat, the discussion has taken a decidedly darker turn.

I have a slightly different take.

The American people were never fully behind defeating terrorism because when these things come out the media never fully shows the public the true evil of what we face, what they actually say, what they mean when they say it and their demands.

The public is served a sanitized and slanted view of these things. Because the government doesn't really consider the American People that much of a part of the decision anymore. I mean what do these hicks know.

So now we come to the pro-bowler analogy, yes long Jawa readers and other subsets of very interested people, some friendly, loyal, some not, some just sick bastards, know what is really in this stuff, we and the Jihadis. And of course the Arab world's cell phone network is a veritable bonanza of Islamic Snuff Porn.

So lets say the gruesome beheading of Paul Johnson in Saudi Arabia is just about as famous as the current Pro-Blowing #1 ranked Anthony Simonsen, and yes I had to look him up.

Look years ago this was a much smaller problem, and we did nothing. Oh a few of us tried and we were met with accusations of being Zionist Jews or intolerant bigoted Islamophobes. Whatever, we knew what was in this stuff and knew what could happen. What was happening in the Arab world.

So the call for new tools is just like the call for gun control after Orlando or the call for the Patriot Act. What you are going to find is that there were plenty of lawful ways to stop Omar Mateen, but nothing was done, either because he was an "asset" they didn't want to lose or more likely they are incompetent.

Better at explaining to John Q. Public why its his fault and propose more laws to stop the killing because they didn't use the laws before Orlando or 9/11.

No new law will make any difference, the government will just declare everyone but the Jihadis terrorists and use to their own ends while sweeping Jihad under the rug of religious tolerance.

Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil ya know.

Because the truth is all it takes is a team of folks and the search function to stop 90% of Jihadi Online activity, that and the willingness to do it. The "tools" have been there all along.

Still there has to be context, I wish the media did show more of what is really in Jiahdi propaganda to a wider audience, after all they were never sqeamish about showing our dead soldiers in Vietnam when I was a kid, why the utter and total censorship of Islamic Terrorists?

This is so far as loyal Americans and information go.

Obama is in IS propaganda? Why didn't the MSM tell me that?

Now the next step after your search is context, is the context in support of a specially designated terrorist entity. If so the site and its "network" or a social network need to be saved, then removed.

After all its not in a context of support for Muslims nor Islam its in a context for support of a specially designated terrorist entity making unlawful war on the United States.

If a provider refused to take it down, well there are already laws to prosecute them, its just no one does.

That is not to say we should stop or censor all use or distribution of these images and words and videos. There are things I don't publish and things I do. I have to live with that. Those who care to know have to too.

No that is protected First Amendment Speech, I'd feel better if more responsible Americans knew the truth.

Pajamas Medie: ISIS Video Portrays Preparation for Times Square Suicide Bombing

An official media affiliate of the Islamic State released a new video this weekend praising the Orlando attack, calling for similar attacks in multiple languages and portraying a suicide bomber striking Times Square.

Frame From ISIS propaganda
Full video is at Jihadology or here

Titled "You Are Not Held Responsible Except for Yourself," the Al-Furat Media Foundation release was distributed online with a promotional banner featuring President Obama, Omar Mateen and scenes from the previous weekend's carnage.

Using that image or worse is perfectly good reporting of reality.

I'd also feel better if we were owning the terrorists daily.

The truth is we've screwed the pooch on the whole matter. Whatever you do, save go to war and impose peace and order on the ME will fall short. The whole use tools to stop the terrorist online is as big a pile a bullshit as the new gun control debate is.

Terrorist butchery and endless terrorist attacks, weak and half ass responses as far as any eye can see.

As Rusty says, Awesome!

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