June 07, 2016

ISIS Cyberlosers Issue Death Fatwa Against Arkansas Library Association

The Cyber Caliphate of Losers, they hate books.

ust weeks after releasing the details of 3,000 Brooklynites, a hacker collective aligned to the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) has disseminated another hit list among its supporters on the privacy app Telegram.

The 800 names did not originate from a prime U.S. metropolitan hub though, but the rural southeastern state of Arkansas. The target? The Arkansas Library Association.

ISIS released the identities of 800 library workers from backwater towns in Arkansas last month, as well as their addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers. A small prize for a radical Islamist group that has plotted large-scale attacks in capital cities to further its aim of striking fear into the heart of Western “crusaders,” the association is as obscure as it is an obvious choice for ISIS to target.

The threat is being taken somewhat less that seriously.
A library director from a small town in Arkansas on the list, who requested that his name be withheld for security reasons, says that those on the list were more relieved that their financial details were not released, as opposed to their personal details, adding that his colleagues were “by and large not too concerned” and he had found it “vaguely amusing.”

“We’re not at all concerned because we don’t believe that there’s any likelihood of anybody attacking us or anything of that sort. More than anything else, we are puzzled as to how on earth they were even aware of our association’s existence,” he says.

Yeah, I totally wonder how they knew about that?

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