May 12, 2016

Islamic Science! Jinn Breaks Possessed Girls Neck, Could not Stand Sex with Islamic Exorcist

You learn something new every day, an Islamic Exorcist literally f*cked the Jinn out of a possessed girl, unfortunately as the Jinn fled from his Holy Schlong it broke her neck killing her.

A self-claimed exorcist allegedly raped and tortured a girl to death in Chak56/12L here the other day.

The residents of the area said that a person, impersonated himself a exorcist alias peer Jindwala, came to the village from Kikrarwala Kho Sandhlianwali about five days ago.

A woman named Bhagan Bibi, wife of Muhammad Yaseen, took her 16-years-old sick daughter to Pir Jindawala for spiritual remedy.

The 'faith healer' claimed some paranormal influences on the girl and easily fooled her mother by asking her to take the girl away to his residence as the exorcism requires four days.

The 'faith healer' took the girl and her mother to his residence where he allegedly continued to rape and tortured the girl for four days in separate room in the name of exorcism.

On 9th May, he told girls' parents that she has died during exorcism because the paranormal powers broke her neck.

At least his schlong was able to save her from the hellfire, Mashallah or something.

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