April 13, 2016

Dabiq 14 Rule the World

It appears that Pinky and The Brain have taken over Islamic State.

Of note is the Islamic Policy of ISIS, to take over the entire world, but they will of course invade those who don't resist Islamic State last. The key here is that whn it comes to Islamic State and all terrorist groups the goal is the same, total Islamic Conquest and rule of the entire world as commanded by Allah.


There is no appeasement, oh appeasement might buy you a temporary reprieve only to later suffer the same brutal savage invasion by an even stronger Islamic Caliphate.

Of course some folks will point back to Christianity to try and justify tolerance of Islamic Fascism. The only problem is Jesus didn't teach that. He taught to preach the Gospel to the world and convert by free will. Rather or not the Church always followed that is up for debate, but in the end once the Bible was published to the public that doctrine fell. Because it was against the teaching of Christ.

But in the case of Islam, ISIS is just following the interpretation of the Koran that is backed by many clerics and the words and deeds of Muhammad himself.

Its in the Koran and the Hadith, so the hope for some Islamic Reformation that follows the Real Islam or Religion of Peace as some call it, is a false hope the buys you the honor of being the last Filthy Kuffar to be given the convert, die or accept the subhuman beast status purchased with your Jizya.


Also as a Dhimmi beast your life is purchased with tax rate is 4 times that of Muslims.

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