April 13, 2016

Fatwa This! Turkey's Leading Turkey Edition

With all due respect, which in any free country is none whatsoever let me stand in solidarity with Jan Böhmermann in saying this, Erdogan sucks balls!

German comedian has been placed under police protection after reading a crude poem about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on television.

A police car was parked in front of Jan Böhmermann’s house, although it was not immediately clear if a concrete threat had been made against him.

German newspaper Bild website reported that the satirist and his family were allegedly facing a threat from the Turkish president’s supporters.

Its not really surprising that Mr. Böhmermann is earning a Fatwa.

Remember Turkey refused to allow the US to use any of its territory during the Iraq war, despite is NATO membership.

The number one country that Jawa Report received Islamist threats to our lives was so called secular Turkey.

In fact fact every one of the Fatwas we give out in caption contests are quotes from Turkish Muslims who wanted to "Cut Ur Neck" for photoshoping Korans and various other insults to just about everyone.

So here with out further comment is the video that Erdogan hates and an English translation of some of the best parts.

Oh and Mr. Erdogan, next time you come to our country don't send your goons to attack protesting Kurds, that may fly in Turkey but here Kurds are free to protest. And their right to call you everything but a white boy is protected.

Mr. Erdogan can suck it!

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