April 12, 2016

Muslim Reality Show Contest Turns Out To Be Gay

Rizwan hates girls!

Rizwan Shabir, 27, storms off tonight’s episode of the C4 survival series after the half-naked women got too much for him.

Female hopefuls including rugby streaker Erika Roe, camerawomen Sarah Carnie and Zoe Hines and barmaid Tilly Martin have all worn just their swimsuits on the show.

But phone shop owner Shabir decided to quit the series fronted by Grylls, above, after 11 days.

Better watch that Rizwan, your radical brothers will throw from a high place. After that, your moderate brothers will stone you.

Because everyone knows a good heterosexual Muslim would have raped those infidel slags!

But maybe I'm not being fair here. Let check out what offends Rizwan, I mean maybe they are unattractive infidel slags?

OK so a few drinks, no problem.


OK so I take it all back. For the love off all that is holy turn it off, turn it off man!

Jawa Report eye bleach file image

That's better.

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