April 11, 2016

Republican Party Scared of Allowing Its Members to Vote

I like how Colorado's Republican party decided "it cost too much" to allow the voters to vote.

Followed closely by Indiana who can't wait ignore the voters and let the party faithful decide what is right for America for the lowly uneducated voters.

So I have an idea, let start calling the Republican Establishment the Republican Politburo.

I mean its pretty much a Communist Front now anyway.

The only ones I see who support such a move are die hard died in the wool Cruz supporters who seem to like overriding the will of the people on a technicality.

Which really seems to only drive home the point, Ted Cruz is a lawyer.

And you know what 10,000 lawyers at the bottom of the sea are, don't you?

And I can accept Ted Cruz as President, if that is the will of the voters. The problem is, so far its not the will of the voters and makes the Republican Party look just as crooked as it actually is.

This behavior is exactly why Trump gets to many votes. Because the Republican Party has screwed over the people one too many times. Yet there they go again.

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