March 30, 2016

So Was SFSU Attack Really For Dreads?

Or was it because of the name Goldstein?


At the end the girl sees someone is capturing the scene on video and asks, “why are you filming this?”

A voice says off-camera replies, “for everyone’s safety,” and she reaches for the camera.

That’s when the video ends.

Goldstein said he won’t be pressing charges.

“The police said I could file charges if I wanted to, and that it was considered battery and a hate crime. I did not file any criminal charges,” he told KPIX 5.

That's correct, dreads are Egyptian and as I recall the Jews were slaves in Egypt for 400 years. So Mr. Goldstein's ancestors have been wearing dreads just as long as any Nubian culture.

So did she attack the Caucasian for wearing dreads or does she just hate Jews?

Anyway he has at least one thing she doesn't, class.

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