March 25, 2016

Muslims Murder Muslim For Wishing His Christian Friends and Customer Happy Easter

Religion of something something.

A man has been arrested after a popular Muslim shopkeeper was stabbed to death by another Muslim in a religiously motivated attack just hours after he had posted a message wishing 'a very happy Easter to my beloved Christian nation'.

Asad Shah, 40, was set upon with a knife and had his head stamped on in a shocking attack outside his Glasgow newsagents shop just after 9pm last night.
A police investigation has been launched into the full details surrounding Mr Shah's death, with officers pursuing a line of enquiry that the attack was racially aggravated.

Police Scotland confirmed to MailOnline that everyone currently involved in the investigation was a Muslim following the arrest of a man aged 32.

Racially aggravated? That's just insane, it has nothing to do with race. That is a BS line the Muslims feel stupid Kaffirs.

This was ALL ABOUT ISLAM and the radical Muslims making sure the moderate Muslims don't get out of line with any silly ideas about keeping Jews and Christians as friends.

The first half of the Koran is all cool to Jews and Christians, the second, not so much. Most "radicals" pretend the first half doesn't exist.

Because that's what they are taught in Madrasa by Imams, that any tolerant portions are abrogated by the later war time versus, so those versus just don't apply to war time, they make the peaceful parts null and void.

Don't look at me like that, Islam is what Muslims say it is and these Muslims believe Islam says to murder Asad Shah.

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