March 25, 2016

Can I Get An Amen!

To defeat terrorism takes the one thing we're not willing to give, a 50 year commitment to defeating terrorists and following up with an extended presence to secure any gains made. By we I mean the world, The US, Europe, Russia and the Arab States.

Counter Jihad: Listening to our leadersí heated talk about fighting fascists and watching their less-than-heated action in Syria, weíre left with this stickler: either they donít believe their own rhetoric about Isis being a grave moral threat and thus are quite chilled out about attacking it, or they do believe it but lack the bottle, the moral resolve, to fight Isis for real. I think itís the latter.

This is the defining feature of the Isis era: the West has the military might to fight Isis, but not the moral conviction. It has the machinery, the men, but it lacks the thing every warrior needs: a deep belief in what heís fighting for, in this case the idea that our enlightenment values, our free, open societies, are superior to their backward way of life. We in the West agree that we hate Isis, but we donít agree that the Western way of life is something worth defending, or even something we should be especially favorable about anymore.

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