March 22, 2016

Totally 100% Shocking News! Brussels Terrorist Traveled to Belgium as Refugee on Fake Syrian Passport

So what we should do it let a bunch more refugees of military age enter our nations, because I'm a masochist.... or stupid, I can't decide.

New pictures have now emerged showing the moment a man - suspected to be Choukri - was arrested on Friday. With bloodied trousers, he is seen being dragged to the ground by heavily armed police.

He was found carrying a fake Syrian passport in the name of Monir Ahmed Alaaj and a fake Belgian identity card bearing the name Amine Choukri.

According to The Daily Telegraph, he was photographed and fingerprinted by Greek authorities on September 20 when he arrived in Leros.

This raises the possibility he followed the same route to Western Europe as at least one of the Paris suicide bombers.

I'm shocked, I swear....

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