March 15, 2016

American Jihadi's Father Totally Friendly Loyal American

Mohamed Jamal Khweis swears his son would never ever go to Iraq.

That's him. I cannot believe it," his uncle, Kamal Khweis, told NBC News Monday. "He doesn't even speak Arabic. ISIS? I cannot believe this."

He said his nephew told the family he was going to Europe on vacation, and the last time they heard from him he said he was in Greece.

Khweis' father, who lives in the Alexandria section of Fairfax County, confronted reporters Monday and said he was going to the State Department to find out if the story is true.

"He's my son, he's a good person, he's a good son," the father said. "And I'm going to raise my kids the right way, and they are good boys."

He argued with members of the media and eventually turned a garden hose on them.

The NYT's has more on his father's denials.
a man identified as Mr. Khweiss father alternated between defending his son to reporters, denying he was his father and making threats.

Listen to me what Im saying: Hes old enough. I cannot ask him where hes going, where hes coming from, said the man, Jamal Khweis. He said he had spoken to the F.B.I. but did not know where his son was. You say hes in Iraq. Hes not. I know he will never go there.

At one point, he turned a hose on the reporters gathered on the front yard of his townhouse.

I have nothing to say, he said. I dont know anything about my son.

A bit much his protest seems.


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