March 12, 2016

Trump Attacker's Online Jihad

Conservative Treehouse:

An attempted physical attack on Donald Trump took place earlier today in Dayton Ohio – DETAILS HERE – The attacker was identified as Tommy DiMassimo.

A student of Wright University in Dayton Ohio, Tom Dimassimo is a progressive leftist thug who has participated in various protests including flag

His twitter feed is here.

Fine American..... yeah....

Also he hates baby Jesus.

Which is against Islam which says the Lord sent Gabriel to um, you know,... insult Mary... reports the above video was a hoax, .

Dimassimo, a student at Wright State University in Dayton, has been an avid supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and Vermont Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on social media.

He has also taken part in rallies and protests in the past, including a rally at Wright State in April 2015, when he was recorded dragging an American flag. You can watch video from that protest above.

He captioned the video, “Students at Wright State University #NotMyFlag protest. The protest occurred to stand in solidarity with the symbolic actions of Eric Sheppard.”

Sheppard, a student at Valdosta State University in Georgia, who created national controversy by standing on the American flag during a protest at his campus.

So far as I have found he is an Islamist and probably racist against white people or connected to those who are on tumbler, but not overtly ISIS.

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