March 09, 2016

American Taylor Force Murdered by Terrorist in Israel

Both Hamas and Fatah have praised the murder of our countryman. One who served out country and was visiting Israel.

Taylor Force excelled at everything he did. As a Boy Scout, he attained the highest, most difficult rank: Eagle Scout. The descendent of generations of soldiers, Force was a National Honor Society member at New Mexico Military Institute, and then went on to West Point. He served in Afghanistan and Iraq, making it home from the war zones alive and with his positive outlook intact.


But the smart and promising 28-year-old was struck down in his prime by a Palestinian terrorist’s blade on Tuesday, one of multiple stabbing attacks in Israel that resulted in a dozen police and civilian casualties. Force, in Israel to study entrepreneurship with his Vanderbilt business school classmates, was the only victim killed.

We should never give the Palestinians one red cent. To do so is to finance murder.

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Geographically pinned Facebook posts from February 26 through March 5 show that Massalha visited the Islamic holy cities of Mecca and Medina days before carrying out his attack.

In his final Facebook post on March 7, apparently published from the West Bank a day before the attack, Massalha appears standing near the Kaaba in Mecca, giving a thumbs up.

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