March 09, 2016

Good Gun Control: Stalker Lessons Edition

John Ganobick learned his lesson the hard way, shame though.

A Kentucky woman heroically turned the tables on the man who was trying to rob her at knifepoint by shooting him in the neck and buttocks with her own gun.


The unidentified woman was being stalked by John Ganobick on the night of January 26 when he followed her into a shopping mall elevator to the parking lot.
Exiting the elevator with her, he gave chase when she ran to her car and tried to beat her - leaving his victim fearing she would be raped.

But he quickly found himself on the receiving end of some rough justice when she pulled her Beretta gun from her handbag and opened fire

Shame that first shot was about six inches too low.

But at least every morning when he looks in the wavy prison mirror he's be reminded that he deserved it.

Appearing in court sporting a breathing tube that is a reminder of his injuries after the attempted attack, Ganobick has been charged with attempted murder, robbery and kidnapping..
OK everyone all together now, laugh at John.


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