March 09, 2016

Kyle Andrew Odom Throws Manifesto Over White House Fence Blames Jewish-Martian Conspiracy

Odum shot a pastor who had given an invocation at a Ted Cruz' event, but it appears possibly the victim Pastor Tim Remington may have counseled Odum in the past.


he Secret Service arrested a suspect in the shooting of an Idaho pastor after the man threw several items over the White House fence, authorities said.

Kyle Andrew Odom, 30, was taken into custody without incident Tuesday night in Washington.

His arrest came after he threw flash drives and other unknown objects over the White House fence, police said.

...The suspect left behind writings that included the names of the pastor shot and several lawmakers.

"There were a number of people listed in that manifesto. There were a number of U.S. senators and House representatives, along with some Israeli government officials," White said.

Facebook post attributed to the suspect by the Spokane Spokesman-Review newspaper provided an insight into his thinking.

In it, he says the world is ruled by "an ancient civilization from Mars," describing Remington as "one of them." He says he has no time to share his story but will do so in future.

UM, yeah......

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