March 08, 2016

Islamic State of Losers Threatens Murder of US Citizens

ISIS wants to scare you.

“We will kill, slaughter and burn your people. Inshallah, we will attack you very soon.” That’s the dire warning to Americans in a just-published video from the ‘Islamic State Supporters’.


The narrator invokes the Paris attacks of 2015 and warns U.S. President Barack Obama he can expect the same treatment in the homeland.

President Obama used in video
to incite US Muslims to commit acts of terrorism

As is customary, the video ends with a beheading. However, this time the chilling conclusion is more graphic than in many previous ISIS films. Not only does one witness the entire process but as the main executioner beheads his Syrian victim, he stops mid-cutting and stares menacingly at the camera for several seconds to make sure there is no room to misunderstand his intentions.

Yeah well you do and it will be the very last act of your sorry little broken Caliphate.

Nuke the savages.

Update: Jawa Report has obtained a copy of the video. It is available here by request.

My impression is of a *hastily thrown together collage of old footage with a new speaker issuing threats in English, poor English.

The execution at the end is a rerun of Jihadi John murdering some Syrian soldiers. The production contains spelling errors.


So its atypical, and while there is a danger, this video seems to me a desperate attempt to regain ground by inciting a domestic incident.

*kind of like this post ;-)

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