March 08, 2016

Sandcrawler PSA: All Athletes With Medical Condition Banned From Sport Forever

The Drug War paranoia invading sport has now reached the point where anyone who uses any medication for any reason, legitimate or not cannot compete.

There are of course reasons why some drugs are banned, but the ever increasing list of banned items, even prescribed medications to treat medical conditions keeps growing.

So now only perfect specimens are allowed to compete. To push their limits.

Who is to say really that say a lifter might trade longevity to push human achievement? The basis saying well its not fair for say a home run hitter to use medical science to improve his performance unless everyone is allowed.

Now this has been turned to say that unless you are in perfect health, you can't compete, lest the treatment of your condition give you some unfair advantage over the healthy.

Its a witch hunt that has gone out of control, what next, aspirin? Aspirin might thin the blood, and give you an advantage over those who didn't have a headache.

Just crazy.

Discuss, ban everything, ban nothing, because obviously the approach we're using is not working for either side.

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