March 08, 2016

Sandcrawler PSA: Islamic State Broke Pregnant

Just a note to our terrorist enemies thinking of joining the Caliphate. Broke and pregnant is no way to go through life.

Perhaps ISIS' biggest problem now is a shrinking tax base as people have fled territory under its control, especially the professionals it needs such as doctors and engineers. ISIS documents have threatened medical professionals with having their property confiscated unless they return home.
So why does ISIS use so many children, because if you can't feed them, well... martyr them.
More than 31,000 women living in the Islamic State militant group’s (ISIS) self-styled “caliphate” are currently pregnant, according to a new report on children living under ISIS rule in Iraq and Syria.
That's 31,000 babies that will starve.

It also explains why ISIS have been keen on taking advantage of the cease fire. It needs a Hudna for two purposes, because its state is collapsing and it needs a break, two so that it can infiltrate and find haven in cease fire protected areas.
Taking advantage of any aid provided.

Later expect ISIS, if it can catch its breath to promote the cease fire in a effort to cling to what it has left and return to the offensive at a later time. Its goal now is not conquest but survival.

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