March 07, 2016

Dead Burnt Shabaabs Everywhere!

Good news, we drones 25 Shabaabs in one shot!

The US military announced that it launched an airstrike which targeted a Shabaab “camp” north of the Somali capital of Mogadishu on March 5. The US justified the strike on al Qaeda’s official East African branch by saying that fighters there “posed an imminent threat.”

The announcement was made today in a press release attributed to Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook. According to media reports from Somalia, more than 150 Shabaab fighters were killed in the operation, but the numbers could not be independently confirmed. Cook said that “manned and unmanned aircraft” were used in the attack.

The strike took place against the “Raso Camp” in the town of Raso in Bulobarde province. Raso is more than 100 miles due north of the capital of Mogadishu. The location of the camp serves as a reminder that Shabaab controls areas near Mogadishu that are far from the visible fighting further south.

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