March 07, 2016

Islamic State Links in Murder of Muslim Imam Who Spoke Against Terrorism

Moderate Muslims, this is what happens to moderate Muslims.

Counter-terrorism officers have been asked to lead the inquiry into the death of Jalal Uddin in Rochdale after the discovery of items linked to Islamic State.

nti-terror police have been called in to investigate the murder of Rochdale imam Jalal Uddin.

The investigation into Mr Uddin’s death has been escalated after the discovery of material linked to the Islamic State terror group during a series of raids last week.

Mr Uddin had made efforts to turn youngsters away from radical Islam.

The 64-year-old was attacked as he walked through a children’s park last month.

He was taken to hospital but died later.

Mr Uddin had been to evening prayers at the Bilal Jamia Masjid Mosque.

He was on his way to visit a friend when the attack happened close to South Street in the Wardleworth area of the town on February 18.

They are murdered just like any Muslim who stands against radical terrorists. As the radicals see anyone who speaks against them as apostates.

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