March 02, 2016

Is Christian Tolerance for Islam Reciprocated?

That's actually a stupid question but a relevant one.

Bombed, Burned, and Urinated On: Churches Under Islam

When Col. Steve Warren, spokesman for U.S. military efforts against ISIS, was asked about the status of Christians in Iraq soon after the monastery's destruction, he replied "We've seen no specific evidence of a specific targeting toward Christians."

Kuwait lawmaker Ahmad Al-Azemi said that he and other MPs will reject an initially approved request to build churches because it "contradicts Islamic sharia laws." He added that Islamic scholars are unanimous in banning the building of non-Muslim places of worship in the Arabian Peninsula.

"We have little hope left that there can be a future for us, Aramean Christians, to stay in the land of our forefathers." -- Fr. Yusuf, head the last Christian family to flee Diyarbakir, Turkey.

Yet another Christian girl in Pakistan was abducted by a group of Muslim men, forced to convert to Islam, and, at the age of 15, marry one of her kidnappers.

We should require before allowing Islamic groups to preach or revert followers here that they allow freedom of religion in their state of origin. That is that if Muslims are to be allowed to Proselytize outside Muslim majority nations they accept that other religions may openly Proselytize and convert in their nations.

Tolerance must be a two way street, we can't in the name of tolerance just grant tolerance to those who refuse to tolerate others.

But rest assured, to Muslims this is a non starter because to allow Islam to be openly challenged in Islamic nations is against Sharia.

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