February 18, 2016

Shocking News! Jawa Report Was Right All Along

I've always said the "watch only" policy allowed Jihadist recruiters to cause damage faster than you can gain intelligence. At first sure you gain a lot, but once its been "mined" so to speak the return vs the risk that Jihadist propaganda creates is not worth it.

While you are waiting on that last little bit of data, the Jihadists are gaining followers and recruits and promoting their ideology at an incredible rate. Plus they look powerful.

Whereas disrupting the internet assets of terrorists, not just twitter, throws a wrench in things. It both shows their weakness and damages their network.

Anyone who has ever rebuilt a social network after a suspension knows this. And also the rebuilding after a suspension gives information in itself. But here in black in white is proof that selective offense against online Jihadis works!

The Islamic State isn't having much luck recruiting new members online these days. Twitter suspended 125,000 accounts sympathetic to the jihadist organization between June and October of last year and it appears to be making an impact, according to a study being released Thursday by George Washington University's Program on Extremism.

GWU's study found that the sympathetic English-language accounts remaining after Twitter's last purge number less than a thousand and generally only interact with one another rather than actively seek out new recruits. Each account averaged 350 followers and typically only tweeted 5 times a day compared to an average of 14 tweets daily prior to the crackdown.

Meanwhile in the still "watch only" world of intelligence Anjem Choudary and his followers, with proven connections to ISIS in Syria and elsewhere are crawling all over Youtube unmolested .

I flagged the main IslamChannel4K channel yesterday, Youtube hasn't even responded, which means there is probably a hold on it.

But feel free to knock yourselves out flagging it.


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