February 18, 2016

About That Wall

If walls are un-Christian then why do you think Charle Magne and Pope Leo III built the walls?

The answer to keep out Muslim invaders who took Italy in the late 9th century and forced the entire Church to either take refuge in France or stay and endure the siege and fall of Constantinople.

The Vatican was not reclaimed until 1379 during the Norman Crusades.

Ironic, no? That the wall was built to keep out terrorists? And all the candidates want to change policy to keep out both terrorists and unlawful immigrants.

The more things change..... the more times people have to protect themselves from Islamic Terrorists?

Anyway I have a hard time picturing Pope Leo III as a non Christian.

The Vatican wall should remain, as a reminder of the past, of what it took for Christians to regain their freedom and religion from Islamic expansionist oppression.

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