February 17, 2016

New SPLC Report Trump Greatest Terrorist in America Muslims Mentioned as Victims

If you're shocked that every act of non-Islamic violence were given a motive in the SPLC report yet NONE of the acts of Islamic extremism had a motive mentioned, you don't know SLPC very well.


With is roots in fighting racial segregation in the South the SPLC has been stuck with the leftist narrative every since.

Seeing evil in the Black Hebrews and other "Right Wing" groups while carefully tiptoeing around Islamic Groups.

They do list some Islamic extremists,
but never as a group. More in an effort to point out how "rare" Jihadists are.

While it mentions individuals such as Yousef al-Khattab and his association with the Islamic Thinkers Society of NY, that group and others remain missing from the SLPC list of hate groups.

In fact the choice of Islamic Hate Groups is not even listed on their site.


This is not to say that there is no danger from non-Islamic hate groups. But the idea that there are NO Islamic hate groups besides Nation of Islam in America just shows the left leaning direction of SPLC's mission.

While Muslims are the most likely per capita to commit acts of terror in America, SPLC spends a lot of effort to whitewash that with politically correct leftist dogma.

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