January 28, 2016

Analysis of ISIS Video on Paris Attacks

This analysis is quite striking, as there are many groups mentioned that Jawa Report warned about years ago. Extremists in plain sight.

Choudary's groups and their branches, Mainly of English French and Belgians that joined with the more well known Sharia4UK. These groups were related to some US networks, many of which joined the jihad or were broken up by law enforcement.

Of the nine attackers portrayed in ISIS's new video, seven were Europeans who traveled to Syria, joined ISIS, traveled back to Belgium and finally to France where they conducted the Paris attacks. Their nefarious journeys shed light on the legal gaps in Europe that gave refuge to extremists who desire to implement an Islamic caliphate there.

Until a few months ago, extremists like Anjm Choudary in the UK and Mulla Krekar in Norway promoted an Islamic caliphate and recruited ISIS's sympathizers, yet were still living freely with access to the media, the Internet and Muslim societies in Europe.

houdary, Krekar and many others lived freely for years, despite the fact that their followers marched in European cities to demand an Islamic caliphate and Sharia laws, promoted hate speech and waved al-Qaeda's flags, harassed Western women for wearing European-style clothes or for walking with their boyfriends. All this was taking place because technically those ISIS sympathizers were not violating the law. As long as these kinds of actions continue and the laws remain the same -- ISIS will always find Western sympathizers and attacks in the West will occur.

In fact many of these groups videos are still online, including sermons by Siddhartha Dhar. I'd flag them but the ones that remain, though they contain the core of radical thought, are stubborn and probably don't violate terms, or are held for intelligence reasons.

The former and current policy of online tolerance of terrorist hasn't worked. The demonstrated danger of their online and real world activity is quite clear. So what, now.

I chose not to run this video, one it was released quite a long time after the attacks, which gives time to generate deceptions or maybe demonstrates pressure on ISIS media. Three I'm just tired or the apocalyptic BS from ISIS.

Its all the same, Muslim Muslim, Martyr Martyr, Murder Murder, rinse, repeat.

In fact its pretty much that on all sides, Sunni, Shia, The Syrian Regime..... although they do seem more professional about it. A killer in a tie, maybe you can bargain, the rest are incorrigible butchers.

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