January 22, 2016

Sandcrawler PSA: Losing Not Winning

I've been reading Ace, he seems convinced that of course the Republicans will lose the 2016 election for President.

And if it requires destroying the GOP and electing a Democrat to teach the establishment this lesson, to chastise them and to humble them, then we shall do just that, and do so happily.
Because the establishment won't support Trump so either Trump or Cruz will run third party. Thus repeating history with a Perot like failure if Cruz splits. Greater losses if Trump.

I've even read discussions on who is it better to lose with Trump or Cruz, the argument being Cruz is better if you're going to lose anyway, after all he's on the inside, if not getting much love there. But love IS for sale.

Most of the argument being that Trump is the rise of Hitler, or the death of either the Constitutional or Establishment wings of the party.

But wait. We forget that we carry majorities in both houses and look to gain if we win. But we'd rather blow that up than win? We've decided before the first vote is cast that we've lost? That either Sanders or Hillary will be President, they must be laughing their ass off.

The Truth is that after eight years of Obama, like eight years of Bill Clinton, the presidency is the Republican's to loose. Remember George Bush II? Um yeah.

Would Sanders sign the bills the conservative Congress sends? No. Hillary Clinton? Even Less so. As she is also invested in the perpetual partisan war of nothing gets done.

But if the Republicans win? Which we all agree we're not going to allow to happen AT ANY COST. Would Trump sign the bills?

Probably I would think for the most part.

Also since we carry the majority of both houses then just think of how much fun impeaching Trump will be if he gets out of hand.

You have to go with the populist candidate, you have to get those votes to win. That means Trump.

The real danger here is that for the ideologues things might actually get done. Things might get settled, then they are SOL. They will have to actually think of a new battle to fight rather than a perpetual war.

They would sacrifice progress the very things they are for or against to feed the battle over the things they are for or against.

This would all make sense if not for the simple fact that winning is better than losing. Getting things done is better than talking about things that should be done.

The Presidency and both Houses of Congress are ours if we JUST DON'T FOUL IT UP!

I'm pretty sure we're going to foul it up. In that case I'm with Ace. If Sanders or Hillary is President in 2017, blow it up man.

Hell I've even vote for Cruz or for Rusty Shackleford even, just win the damn thing.

They say, so you support Trump? No, I don't support politicians, I vote for them.

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