January 12, 2016

ISIS Boomerangs on Turkey

It looks like the strategy of using ISIS to create a need for a Turkish Savior in Syria works, but not as designed.

Turkey's president blamed the blast on a suicide bomber with links to Syria. David Greene talks to Erdal Karatas, a waiter at Pasha Restaurant, which is about 200 yards from where the blast happened.
Turkey has of course been under pressure to show that its not as cozy with ISIS as it appears.

But much like in the Iraq war where Syria let fighters pass through to Iraq as a way to screw America the Jihadis are boomeranging on the Turks. Russia's presence precludes a Turkish invasion to restore order.

ISIS is now feeling the pressure and is biting the hand if feeds it for failing to do enough to assure ISIS can hold its ground. ISIS feels betrayed, used....

schlonged if you will ;-)

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