January 07, 2016

Where's Rusty? Moving to New Hampshire Edition

I think Rusty has taken a job on the Chris Christie campaign.

How pathetic is it when a fat guy at 3 percent in the national polls dismisses you as a loser?

But this is what the Republican establishment is reduced to in 2016. After all these years of Bushes, Karl Rove, Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and the rest of the collaborators, the RINO brand is kaput. These sellouts cant buy a thrill not even Juan Ellis Bush, whos squandered $50 million so far to go from 12 to 4 percent in the national polls over the last three months.

But the consultants are getting a 15 percent commission on the ad buys.

Fifteen percent of $100 million is worth it. Im telling ya, Jeb, you got em right where you want em now. Theyre fading, them other guys.

Wait it wasn't Shackleford. Whatever.

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