January 04, 2016

Shocking Unbelievable News! Anjem Choudary's Pupil Becomes ISIS Executioner


The Islamic State (IS) has released a new propaganda video that shows the apparent killing of five prisoners, executions it says are intended to send "a message to David Cameron," warning the British prime minister about the country's involvement in the coalition bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria.

In the video, a masked speaker with a British accent says it is "strange" that a small island is threatening IS with "a handful of planes." Cameron, the masked man says, is just as arrogant and foolish as his predecessors, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, who led the UK during the country's involvement in the US-led invasion of Iraq. The speaker calls Cameron an "imbecile," and says the group will "continue to wage jihad… and one day invade your land."

The speaker is believed to be Abu Rumaysah a familiar character within Islam4UK.
Speculation is rife that the new ‘Jihadi John’ is none other than British-raised Abu Rumaysah, also known as Siddhartha Dhar, a man closely linked to UK hate preacher Anjem Choudary, and with a long history of Islamic state activism in the United Kingdom.

...Mr. Dhar – a Muslim convert who was formerly a Hindu of Indian descent – has studied under and alongside the likes of Mr. Choudary for at least the past decade. He has been pictured alongside Mr. Choudary at a high number of al Muhajiroun, Islam4UK, Shariah4UK, Muslims Against Crusades, and Need4Khilafah events over the years – all of which are the same group with different names.

If you are unfamiliar with Abu Rumaysah his youtube channel is here.

Here he is speaking on the right with Anjem.

He appears as a moderate spokesman in this documentary on Islamic Extremism here.

His twitter is suspended or the last one I knew anyway.

Speaking of Anjem and the internet, Anjem is banned as part of his bail conditions, his Twitter silent and his website taken over by gaming squatters.





LOL, Ironic, no?

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