December 10, 2015

Sandcrawler PSA: Save Slave Leia!

Because what good is a sex slave that's not, um sexy.

Fisher is in much demand these days as she is making a return in the new, eagerly awaited "Star Wars" film, "The Force Awakens."


The actress told the Los Angeles Times that perhaps the father who complained should tell his daughter that her character "is wearing that outfit not because she's chosen to wear it. She's been forced to wear it."

"She's a prisoner of a giant testicle who has a lot of saliva going on and she does not want to wear that thing and it's ultimately that chain, which you're now indicating is some sort of accessory to S&M, that is used to kill the giant saliva testicle," Fisher said. "That's asinine."

What a dick, how about you get your daughter once of these slave outfits.

burqa slaves 3.jpg

These girls don't want to wear them either, and you can still retain your aversion to female hetronormative behavior.

For the rest of us hetromormative red blooded Americans we present Slave Leia, a force for good.

What was it you wanted again?

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