December 07, 2015

Sandcrawler PSA: Traditional Holiday Jawa Recipe (Week 1 Update)

I know there has been a lot going on in the world and I've not been blogging. I had to make time for traditional Jawa holiday activities as well as recover.

Anyway if you would like to participate in commemorating that wonderful period of American history known as Prohibition here's what you'll need.


A couple of five gallon water jugs, clean but no soap, I find a car wash wand on rinse works well. Soap interferes with things so no soap just clean water. It also helps if your jugs are left to you by say your late grandfather or something. Its a tradition man.

So you need a cool, dry place say a bit cooler than inside 55 to 65 average anyway. 70 is a bit warm for my taste but that's as high as I'd go.

A couple of corks with with holes for your tube or bloopers. You can get these blooper thingys at any good liquor supply or craft brewery or off the internet for $1.49.

OK so left side, I made a screw up, one of my 3 quart bottles was not white grape, it was white grape and cherry. So we'll see if that turns out to be a happy mistake. The right side is the old standard Concord Grape.

Here we go, Take four pounds of pure cane sugar and some distilled water and combine in large pan, heat till the sugar is dissolved, in the mean time warm 1/3 cup of water to tepid and throw in a pinch of sugar and your plain old Fleischmann's yeast in there, stir a bit, cover, set asside.

Using a new clean funnel, not the one for your car man, add 3 quarts of white grape and cherry juice to your first jug there. Now 9 quarts of white grape. I just use Welch's but whatever, it will work even from concentrate just be sure to use distilled water. For each batch I figure 3 gallons of Juice and two gallon of water but you'll have some water left because the sugar takes up space.

Then add the sugar water and top off with distilled water. Leave a little air at the top so that if things foam up on you it doesn't make a big ass mess. (Have an old towel handy that you can use just in case if foams up on you and makes a big old mess).

No go back and get your corks and blooper thingys, soak the corks a bit and put your thingys in them, add water so that air can only escape out the corks but not get back in, alternately you can use a tube into a glass of water if you don't have the blooper thingys. Air back in is bad as it will make vinegar as the wine oxidizes,.

If'n you cork this stuff with no way for the carbon dioxide the yeast makes to get out, it will explode and make a huge mess.

Now pour your yeast mixture in there..... Put your corks with your bloopers on there, make sure there ain't no leaks.

Along about 8 weeks from now we should be ready to bottle this stuff. Ya'll can come over and we'll try it out, or just make some *yourself. We'll check on it every now and then, but don't drink it or disturb it before then, don't move it around.

So anyway, later Jawas.

Update :12/07/15 Our little concoction has been brewing a week, its settled down and is bubbling along at about once per second, maybe a little faster.


As you can see the white grape and cherry has turned a light color, the concord has stayed almost dark this time but if it gets reddish don't worry its just bubbles making it a lighter color, that will go away when it settles later.

Sometime next year we'll all be drunk as....... well drunk as Jawas of course!

* = over 21 and at your own risk, remember booze makes you stupid and when you're stupid you do stupid things.

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