November 05, 2015

al-Qaeda: The Kinder Gentler Islamic Terrorists?

Things are going so well that now al-Qaeda are the moderates. Awesome!

Long War Journal: Al Risalah’s newest edition includes an interview with a jihadist known as Usama Hamza Australi, who is originally from Queensland, Australia. “I’ve been a member of Al Qaeda for approximately fourteen years – since mid-2001 until today,” Australi says. “I’m currently in Syria as a member of Al Qaeda Central (AQC), working on their behalf with [Al Nusrah Front].”

Al Qaeda is using the Islamic State to reposition itself as a supposedly more “moderate” jihadist organization.

“One of the greatest things about IS [Islamic State] its that before people saw al Qaeda and the Mujahideen (in general) as the extremists, and those that abstain from jihad as the normal ‘moderate’ Muslims (following the middle-way),” Australi explains. “But now the truth has come out — the Mujahideen are in fact upon the correct and ‘moderate’ path, with IS being the extremists.”

Australi concludes: “So I think that IS is a blessing in disguise for the Muslim Ummah [worldwide community of Muslims].”

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So if you find yourself being beheaded and the guy slowly sawing your head off is al-Nusra, rest assured that he's really really doing it for Allah, not just like those other guys who are just depraved and hiding behind Allah.

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