September 29, 2015

Remember When the Reason to Pull Out of Iraq Was so we could Defeat AQ and the Taliban in Afghanistan?

Memory hole, 2008:

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, the Taliban are on the march:

Afghan forces struck back Tuesday in the besieged northern city of Kunduz, opening risky street-by-street battles a day after Taliban fighters overran the city in a humiliating blow to Afghanistan’s Western-backed government.

But the counteroffensive met stiff resistance from Taliban units near the airport on the city’s outskirts, touching off intense clashes that blocked Afghan troops from making a push toward the heart of Kunduz.

The showdowns took shape before dawn — less than 24 hours after Taliban militants stormed into Kunduz — as Afghan reinforcements poured into the area after a U.S. airstrike helped clear the way.

But Osama bin Laden is dead. Also, Bush lied!

Seriously, it's like people have zero memory of what this clown in the White House promised 7 years ago.

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