September 19, 2015

Murdered Child Belonged To #OWS Trash


After three months, the body of a child washed up in a Boston harbor was finally identified as Bella Bond (on right in image above). The little girl was identified after a computer composite was released (on left in image above).

The girl was conceived in an Occupy Wall Street tent. (Or, it could have been in the middle of a roadway, or on a sidewalk or a police car, or, really, anywhere since those people were doing it everywhere during their #OWS camp outs.) She was beaten to death by her mother's boyfriend. Bella's father was an absentee father who didn't even know the girl had been missing.

If you haven't seen much about this in the media, try to imagine the publicity if these people had been Tea Party members.

The animals that beat the girl to death:

Bella Bond suspects.jpg

That's Bella's mother (smiling) and her mother's boyfriend. It isn't clear whether the mother's boyfriend was a part of the #OWS crowd.

Even after four years, #Occupy Wall Street is still racking up deaths and child abuse incidences.

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