September 19, 2015

A Baa!?!? No A Clock! (:Updated and Bumped For What I Said About Feeding Trolls)

Personally I think that a clock is a clock is a clock and charging Mohammad for making a clock is like the dumbest thing ever.

Boyd said the device -- confiscated by an English teacher despite the teen's insistence that it was a clock -- was "certainly suspicious in nature.

"The student showed the device to a teacher, who was concerned that it was possibly the infrastructure for a bomb," Boyd said.

School officers questioned Ahmed about the device and why he'd brought it to school. Boyd said Ahmed was then handcuffed "for his safety and for the safety of the officers" and taken to a juvenile detention center. He was later released to his parents, Boyd said.

And true to the way it should be no charges are filed.
At a press conference this morning, Irving Police Chief Larry Boyd said charges won't be filed against Ahmed Mohamed, the MacArthur High School freshman arrested Monday after bringing what school officials and police described as a "hoax bomb" on campus.
But Mohammad may have been trolling for CAIR points its not his first go around.
Mohamed is familiar with anti-Islamic politics. He once made national headlines for debating a Florida pastor who burned a Quran.

But he wasn’t paying much attention this summer when Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne became a national celebrity in anti-Islamic circles, fueling rumors in speeches that the religious minority was plotting to usurp American laws.

So I say to the Dallas police the she second teacher, the English teacher that I have one piece of advice.

Don't feed the trolls.

Update: Um yeah.

The latest tweet from a Muslim boy who brought a clock to school that was mistaken for a bomb has some people wondering whether he and his family planned this all along.

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