September 06, 2015

Muslim "Refugees" Reject Food And Water Aid; Demand Better

In Hungary, Police try to offer food and water to refugees only to have them throw the items on to the train tracks. Notice in this video, the few children and women there attempt to accept the supplies, but young, able bodied men prevent them from getting the food and water:

In France, "starving" immigrants dump food on the ground then demand better:

In Greece, Muslim immigrants refused water from the Red Cross because the boxes had crosses on them. Notice two things in this crowd. First, there are no children, women, or elderly. All these people are military aged males. Second, watch how many give the ISIS one finger salute:

Europe is in for hell in the next few months or years. They will, no doubt, reach a breaking point. The question is, will they finally fight for their values, or will they surrender?

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