August 07, 2015

Saudi Arabia Suffers Huge Vagina Shortage

Yes Saudi men are hard up, despite their relative wealthy status in the Arab world Saudi men still can't score.

Appalling YouTube footage has captured the moment two terrified women are hounded by a horde of jeering men as they walk along a promenade in Saudi Arabia.

In the minute-long video, the two young women - dressed in traditional burkhas and face veils - become visibly distressed as they are harassed and intimidated by the men in the city of Jeddah.

The clip recently went viral in the country and sparked public outrage, prompting a police investigation which reportedly led to six boys being detained and questioned.

But shockingly, the women are now being blamed for 'provoking' the primal reaction from the crowd by being 'indecent'.
The outlandish claim is being supported by the emergence of a new video supposedly taken from the scene, which has been shown on semi-official news channels.
The second video purports to show the same women riding a quad-bike to the promenade, with one of them tossing their agal towards the men in a 'seductive and tempting' manner.

Which causes them to act like Jackals and Jackasses when both the single Saudi ladies show up clad in their black burkha.

On the bright side the girls seem, er popular.

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