August 03, 2015

The Making Of A SJW Martyr

Recently, a video of an arrest taking place went viral. The person recording the video said this about the incident:

John C. Sherman wrote on Facebook that he was in the parking lot of a restaurant at 95th Street and Quivira Road when officers pulled "the kids" over for no apparent reason.

"I see a cop pulling kids over for bein' black," Sherman wrote. "After calling a few of his piggie friends, they tell the driver to get out."

He detailed how he thought the officers manhandled Harrison and said he posed "no threat whatsoever."

Sherman would later edit his comments to take out "piggie" reference and referred to them as "cop friends." He said officers "pummeled and choked this poor kid" until "blood was pouring from his mouth and he was crying."

Here's his video titled "Lenexa Police Department Brutality":

The video immediately went viral. Social justice warriors condemned the "brutality" based on this short clip and based on the words of John Sherman.

The police department was forced by public pressure to respond. They released the body cam videos that showed, not only the arrest, but the moments before the arrest as well:

This incident illustrates the lengths and the lies social justice warriors will go to demonize the police without justification. Fortunately, these police officers were vindicated by their body cams and dash cam. However, too many officers still face persecution and wrongful charges of murder for simply doing a difficult, dangerous job and trying to stay alive while doing it.

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