July 26, 2015

Loony Liberals Want To Ban Mel Brooks

First they came for Mel Brooks, and I did not speak out because I was not a comedian...

From Steven Crowder:

We've joked about the SJW's coming for Mel Brooks next. We've poked fun at how absurd it would be to retroactively deem the king of "offensive" to be too offensive.

Enter, 2015.

In the film "The Producers," two Broadway producers realize that they can make more money with a play that bombs, so they come up with the most offensive play they can find..."Springtime for Hitler." The movie was later made into a Broadway musical and then into a movie based on the musical based on the original film... yeah.

Now, anyone who was born with a brain can tell that this is satirical. Also, anyone with half a brain would come to the conclusion that it is highly unlikely that Mel Brooks best known for being a JEWISH comedian would not do anything to glorify Nazis or paint Hitler in a positive light.

Again, one would require half a brain.

Enter Jeffery Imm, a man lacking the minimal half a brain to understand satire.

Piss on you, Imm. I'm working for Mel Brooks!

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