July 20, 2015

Caption This! Haven't You Ever Heard of The Healing Power of Laughter? Edition

Best Martyr's Smile ever!

Um, Below the fold. Extra points for Joker quotes, fatwas will be issued.

Update: Fatwas Issued!

I told you I was lazy these fatwas from July 7th. Apparently Rusty found the image a bit over the top as he moved it below the fold.

Anyway on with the festivities.

The Why U Insult Holly Koran? Fatwa issued against EyeSurgeon for

Why so Syria's?
The Devil Will Do Meetballs From UR Body Fatwa issued against Bob the medic
Downtown Kabul. Always brings a smile to my face.
The I will Cut UR Neck Fatwa issued against Spam Bastard for posting spam.

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