June 15, 2015

Rachel Dolezal Penalized for Vexatious Litigation Against Howard University (Update: Lying About Father Survival) (Update :No Biological Proof She's a Kracker and SEX TAPE)

No matter what color she is at the time everyone is racist against Rachel Dolezal.

Smoking Gun: JUNE 15--The NAACP official who today resigned in the face of evidence that she masqueraded as black once sued Howard University for denying her teaching posts and a scholarship because she was a white woman, The Smoking Gun has learned.

As detailed in the court opinion, Dolezal’s lawsuit contended that Howard was “permeated with discriminatory intimidation, ridicule, and insult.”

Judge Zoe Bush dismissed Dolezal’s complaint in February 2004, 18 months after the lawsuit was filed and Dolezal was deposed on several occasions. Bush found no evidence that Dolezal was discriminated on the basis of race or other factors. The D.C. Court of Appeals subsequently affirmed Bush’s decision.

Following the dismissal of Dolezal’s lawsuit (and the Court of Appeals decision), she was ordered to reimburse Howard for a “Bill of Costs” totaling $2728.50. During the case, she was also ordered to pay the university nearly $1000 in connection with an “obstructive and vexatious” court filing that sought to improperly delay her examination by an independent doctor.

I'm sure she will now sue the NAACP for (insert several isms here.)

Because after all its documented.

Her efforts were met with opposition by North Idaho white supremacy groups, including the Ku Klux Klan, the Neo Nazis and the Aryan Nations. At least eight documented hate crimes targeted Doležal and her children during her time in North Idaho and Spokane.
Interesting how all the phantoms hating on Rachel are Caucasian? Her struggles against the evil sexist racists at Howard University are left out of her art page. Instead listing Howard University as to her credit, as in a resume.
She is also a licensed intercultural and diversity Trainer and has taught Race & Ethnicity at Whitworth University, Anatomy Drawing at Howard University
WTF is a "licensed intercultural and diversity Trainer?" Is that something I can make myself with one of those "certificates" you buy at Dollar General?

Anyway lets see what that Koran says about liars, just in the interest of cultural diversity.

2. Lying in buying and selling. (applies as she's selling herself, her labor)

(Narrated by Muslim, 106)

It was narrated that Hakim ibn Hizaam (may Allah be pleased with him) said: “The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: ‘The two parties involved in a transaction have the option [of canceling it] until they part. If they are honest and truthful, their transaction will be blessed for them and if they conceal something and tell lies, the blessing of their transaction will be wiped out.’”

Of course any liberal Dolezal defenders of who go against that are racists and have insulted Islam!

Catch 22 baby.

Lying, it was just about survival.

This is not me quitting; this is a continuum. It's about moving the cause of human rights and the Black Liberation Movement along the continuum from Resistance to Chattel Slavery to Abolition to Defiance of Jim Crow to the building of Black Wall Street to the Civil Rights and Black Power Movement to the‪#BlackLivesMatter movement and into a future of self-determination and empowerment.

...When asked by Lauer if she would've done anything differently in light of the controversy, Dolezal said no.

"My life has been one of survival," Dolezal said. "The decisions I made have ultimately been ones of survival."


More half truths and lies at SooperMexican.

Update: Holy crap Rachel Dolezal has no shame.

Rachel Dolezal stories are coming fast and furious today as the volume of her lies are becoming apparent. In yet another example, Dolezal was interviewed for a Spokane, Washington podcast in which the former NAACP chapter president bemoans, and wants to boycott, the movie Exodus because Christian Bale is, in the words of host Taylor Weech, a "white European" playing a "north African" part.

So to summarize, the white woman who pretended she was black wanted to boycott a movie where a white man played the role of an African.

Updated II : Rachel Dolezal SEX Tape.
Rachel Dolezal once accused her ex-husband of forcing her to take part in a homemade sex tape, Daily Mail Online can reveal.

Dolezal, 37, admitted participating in 'sexual acts' on camera with Kevin Moore, who has been pictured in public for the first time since their wedding photo appeared.

However, Dolezal - a serial litigant who resigned her post as leader of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP Monday - insisted she took part in the video against her will.

His former flame furthermore accused him of being a danger to their son Franklin. The papers reveal that when the boy came home for a visit to his father's home in 2005 with a bruise on his face, Dolezal immediately reported Moore to the police.

Moore insisted, however, that the child had fallen accidentally, and police never charged him.

The divorce was finalized in April 2005 and the court agreed Moore was a responsible dad who posed no threat to his son, awarding him joint custody of Franklin, who is now 13.

The father and son were seen spending the weekend together, and they enjoyed a tender hug as Franklin was dropped off afterwards at his mother's house in Spokane.

You know who we need to find, the person in Rachel's life who has not been accused of abusing her. Because according to Rachel absolutely everyone has abused or discriminated against her.

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