June 10, 2015

Council of Islamic Losers Losing

CAIR rolled the lawfare dice and lost.

In a case that illustrates what has become known as “lawfare” – the use of legal maneuvers to threaten, intimidate or overwhelm critics of an Islamic agenda – CAIR was ordered this week to pay compensation for its confrontational approach to Zaba Davis.

“CAIR’s abuse of federal subpoena power is analogous to Shariah-adherent jihadists threatening violence against anyone who, in their perverse view, insults their religion or Muhammad. When you threaten people with enough violence or litigation, the media and the self-anointed talking heads on cable TV and radio begin to lecture us about ‘civility’ and ‘provocation’ not because criticisms of some fundamental aspects of Islam are wrong or in and of themselves uncivil or objectively provocative, but because these pundits are frightened themselves of standing up to these bullies – whether they be violent jihadists or lawfare jihadists like CAIR.”

Hmm they didn't mention getting their asses kicked on their twitter feed, just repeated mentions of Islamophobia.

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