June 03, 2015

This is Choice: Jailed Jihadi Who Wanted to Kill South Park Cartoonists Writes Op-ed About Countering Islamic Terrorism

When I first saw this article by Jesse "Younes Abdullah Muhammad" Morton about how to fight Islamic extremism I was like, this must be some other Younes Abdullah Muhammad. Not Jesse Morton, the guy who's been in jail for being an Islamist extremist. Not the guy who's best friends are all in jail on terrorism related charges. No, this has to be some other guy with the same name.

No my friends, it is that Younes Abdullah Muhammad.

My head hurts. Please put me out of my misery.

Here are a few extracts from his piece. I've thrown in some editorial photos for the sheer ironicalness:

Effectively Promoting Moderation in an Age of Extremisms [Ed: Actual title!] ...

Younes Abdullah Muhammad promoting sharia (Islamic) law in the US

There have been four waves of terror in the modern era, all of them driven primarily by extremist ideologies. The anarchist wave ran from 1880-1920; the Anti-colonialist from the 1920's to 60's; the New Leftist from late 60's to the early 90's, and the current Religious Fundamentalist wave began in 1979 and continues unto the present. Modern terror is also a product of advancements in communication and evolving revolutionary doctrine. The expositions of bin Laden are not unlike the anarchists Kropotkin and Bakunin.....

A statement on Younes Abdullah Muhammad's website praying that Osama bin Laden will be accepted into paradise on news of his death

Attacks like those against the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo, or the even more nonsensical attempt in Texas more recently by ISIS followers, are ultimately political reactions to antagonistic portrayals, deliberately seeking incitement and publicity. One of the Charlie Hebdo covers posted lewd caricatures of the Prophet of Islam just days after the September 11, 2012 murder of the American ambassador in Libya. Pamela Geller, a primary target in the "Draw Muhammad', Texas attack has consistently provoked and prodded Muslims at large, expanding the idea that every Muslim in the mosque secretly wants to implement shariah in America and other ignorant conceptions. Provocations like these certainly don't justify such wanton and senseless violence, but the ultimate reactions are interesting.

Threat made by Zachary Chesser, later echoed at Younes's blog, against the creators of South Park which eventually landed Younes in jail for 2 years

We all must challenge these faulty presumptions. The clash of civilizations is fueled by extremists on both sides, and extremisms that are only enhancing. Promoting true moderation alongside liberation in an 'Age of Extremism' will require diligence and effort that seeks to alter popular consciousness. Criticism of the other cannot be blind to the hypocrisies that drive resentment. Advocating narratives that promote moderation, justice and freedom cannot be sincere unless they are willing to expand cherished rights and privilege to all.

Younes and Zachary Chesser protest outside the White House, calling the killing of terrorists "murder"

Younus Abdullah Muhammad holds a Master's of International Affairs and is the founder of IslamPolicy.com. He was recently released from incarceration in the United States and resided in the D.C. Metro area.

Wait, Younes is out of jail already! So, he served like two years out of his 12 year sentence?

Wow, that's kind of outrageous.

Do you think he's really reformed, or is this just to fool his probation officer?

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