May 13, 2015

Islamic State Kills 43 Muslims in Pakistan for Being the Wrong Kind of Muslims

Or as they call it in Pakistan, Wednesday:

Pistol-wielding gunmen in Pakistan's biggest city Karachi have stormed a bus carrying members of the Shi'ite Ismaili minority, killing at least 43 in the first attack in the country officially claimed by the Islamic State group.

The IS claims, posted on Twitter, are set to raise fears over the Middle East-based jihadists' growing influence in the region.

They announced in January the creation of a branch in what they called 'Khorasan province', encompassing Afghanistan, Pakistan and parts of surrounding countries.

'Thanks be to Allah, 43 apostates were killed and around 30 were wounded in an attack carried out by Islamic State soldiers on a bus transporting Shi'ite Ismaili infidels in the city of Karachi,' the extremist group said in an Arabic statement.

Mass murder: they're proud of it.

By Rusty Shackleford, Ph.D. at 02:41 PM | Comments |